Powder painting: its simple implementation allows for consistent and durable finishes on any metal support. Once the powder has been deposited on the object by means of an electrostatic spray gun, it is melted and cured at temperatures around 180 °C. This provides an ideal finish for parts subject to shocks or other rough conditions (mud, dust etc... ), for example the MTB frames. A wide color range is now available on the market. Between the color and the varnish, it is possible to fix fire-resistant stickers.

Anodizing: Anodizing is a way of creating an aluminum finish, and extremely widespread in the cycle world. It allows production of parts in an infinite number of colors, but does require important skill. Mastering the anodizing process is conditioned to the ability to achieve a uniform appearance, resistant to rough conditions and displaying a deep color. Color consistency between two production batches is also an important element that few providers master perfectly. Milc Ind. works with a specialist from the luxury industry, who fully satisfies all requirements specific to the bicycle industry.

A wide color spectrum is available. Laser engravings or stickers without support (HRNT) may add a final touch of personalization.

Completion : Thanks to our concentrated production and limited transportation costs, MILC Ind. is also capable of proposing assembly and packaging services for your products. Our experience in this area allows us to offer an excellent and fully optimized assembly process.